Our 3 Best Tips For Having a Positive Wedding Dress Appointment!

By The Love and Lee Blog

After ripping out pages from bridal magazines, browsing through hundreds of websites, listening to advice from family and friends and yes even contemplating wearing your mother’s gown, you are ready (or not) to book a bridal dress appointment.

Most bridal appointments are often scheduled in sixty-ninety minute segments so you will want to make the most of this time frame and truly enjoy the experience. Experts in bridal wear offer the following few valuable tips to help ensure that your experience is a positive one.

Coming prepared is the key!

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Here are our 3 Best Tips for Having a Positive Wedding Dress Appointment.

1. Knowing Your Budget

Knowing ahead how much you want to spend on your dream dress saves time, energy and disappointment.

It is also a good way to narrow down your search.

A good bridal consultant will not stray from the amount you

have given her or tempt you to try on a more expensive dress.

2. Choose the Right Support Team

Choose who you ask to attend your bridal appointment carefully. More is not necessary better.

It is completely understandable to want to include all of the important ladies in your life when you go dress shopping. However, when too many offer opinions, a bride can become over whelmed.

Most brides bring family members or close friends.

There is no set rule. Choose individuals that will

offer you constructive feedback, listen to you and make the

experience enjoyable.

3. Be Open Minded

Say yes to trying on a number of different styles. Even trying on one style that you feel may

not suit you, confirms or to your surprise, changes your view.

Remember, your consultant is there to encourage you to think out of your comfort zone for just a short while. Not every bride becomes emotional. If you are loving the look of a dress but are waiting for tears to flow, it may not happen. Ask yourself, how does this dress make me feel, is this how I want to look on my wedding day?

Choosing the right bridal gown for your wedding is no doubt an important decision. It can be stressful and unenjoyable or with a little planning on your part, a wonderfully positive experience. Go to your bridal appointment prepared with a budget, a good support team and the right attitude. Relax...you got this....make those ninety minutes count!

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