How We Planned an Unforgettable Boho Bridal Shower

bo·ho /ˈbōhō/

INFORMAL adjective socially unconventional in a way regarded as characteristic of creative artists; bohemian. "the sisters and their husbands led a boho life in Big Sur"

As a wedding planner, I am always open to new challenges and experiences when it comes to working with brides. The most satisfying thing is seeing the look on her face when you've captured what she pictured in her head, even if she didn't know how to put it into words herself. This bridal shower was no exception, although this time is wasn't a bride I was working with, it was pretty much everyone else! How amazing it was to plan an event that was wedding related, but not a wedding. This was my first, but will not be my last!

The welcome table at our Boho Bridal Shower.

4 months prior to August 4th, 2019 we devised a theme that would bring Jenny's bridal shower to a level fit for someone as loved and unique as she is. Immediately I got to work on creating a theme board that could help bring this theme to life, within a reasonable and realistic budget.

Flash forward in time: All day there was a sense of freedom in the air, an aura of gypsy sisterhood, and lots of Prosecco being poured. Jenny's boho bridal shower hosted 60 women in a beautifully spacious backyard on the St. Lawrence River.

My first priority of the day was finding a unique, memorable staple piece for the event. For every event I plan, I try to feature at least one fun photo area. I believe that a great photo booth becomes a gathering place, a location where new friendships are born, and can help capture your day for years to come. I was inspired to track down a Volkswagon Westfalia Van to compliment the surf board relic supplied to us by the groom-to-be's mother. The bride and groom are avid surfers, campers and travellers, so it seemed appropriate to incorporate this feature into our "free spirit" theme of the day. Fortunately, a close friend of mine owned a van (and still uses it to go camping with her awesome family, how fun!) and was generous enough to lend it to us for the day.

We completed the look like giant carpets pulled from storage, 2 giant ferns and an antique director's chair that I had found at Habitat for Humanity a few years ago.

Side note: Can we just talk about how awesome everyone looked? We were over-the-moon about how much every guest committed to dressing in their most authentic "boho" garb fit with a sunhat, colourful linens, and of course lots of accessories. This proved to us that no matter what age your guests are that are attending your event, no one is too old for a theme party!

After we secured our photo backdrop to capture the many memories of this beautiful day, we started to think about what we could serve guests at a boho bridal brunch. Immediately, we thought finger foods because of the idea that bohemians live off of the earth, and they are not formal. However, how could we incorporate this informal way of feasting into the brunch while still keeping the event classy?

Unfortunately our brunch-charcuterie board was gobbled up so quickly we only had the time to take one picture while it was being set up. None the less, you can still see key elements of the brunch spread.

We laid down parchment paper on the table so that we could lay out our food right on top, giving it a rustic look. We layered cheeses, meats, fruits, croissants, and mini-bagels all over the parchment paper.

Because it was brunch, we had a hot-platter in the middle of the table with eggs and sausage. I managed to find some adorable bamboo cutlery on

I would also like to note that we received a number of quotes from caterers for a brunch spread like we ended up laying out ourselves. The quotes we received were valued at over $1000 to feed 60 people. We decided to try our luck at setting a budget, writing down a specific list of what we wanted to buy, checked out local flyers for bargains and hit the grocery store. An hour and a half at the grocery store later, and some extra pick-ups here and there, our overall bill was about $400. Yes, it was a little bit of extra prep work, but we were able to save over $600. This is a good note to keep in mind for any future brunch parties you may host.

Another no-brainer of the day were these 3-Dimensional short-bread cookies. I approached a local baker who owns Cakes by Beth , an adorable bakery in Finch, Ontario. She came up with these beautiful, rustic looking cookies that I think everyone ate a little too many of, or maybe that was just me.

Our dessert table, complete with a chocolate fountain hiding in the back!

To make our dessert table a little more off-the-beat-and-path I placed a pallet with artificial wild flowers coming out of it and used that as the statement piece for the table.

Our mimosa bar was also a big hit, as you can imagine! We featured some beautiful, hand-painted signage and let guests choose what type of juice they wanted to mix into their mimosa!

Finally, we added in some fun details to make the day even more memorable. An artist/friend of ours lent her talents for the afternoon at our Henna Tattoo Station!

henna station, henna tattoos, bridal shower
The bridal squad congregating around the Henna station at the Bridal Shower.

We wanted to keep the theme going straight through to the party favours. I purchased colourful crystals on (try explaining this concept to a boarder security guard when you have a pound of crystals in your car, I dare you).

I did some research on what purpose each crystal has and I pasted the crystals onto pieces of card stock with their appropriate purpose. I completed the favours with Jenny's future initials on each card: J L V.

It was an awesome experience planning this Bohemian Bridal Shower and working with an awesome team of ladies to do so.

Some acknowledgments:

Photography by Brittany Delorme Photography

Painted Mimosa & Henna Signage by Erin Lee from I Heart Art

Wedding and Event Planning by Love and Lee