Beauty Products to Help You Prepare Your Dream Bridal Look

Products that will look professional, and have you feeling your best without breaking the budget.

What woman doesn't dream of walking down the aisle and having all eyes glued on her and all jaws dropped as they wisp by on their perfectly air-brushed cloud? What bride wouldn't want to look like Karlie Kloss or Jennifer Lopez on their big day (for a budget that isn't Karlie Kloss or Jennifer Lopez's)?

*Cue hand raise emoji* 🙋🏻‍♀️

Time and time again, brides find themselves spending enormous amounts of their budget on ensuring their guests are well-fed, comfortable, and well-entertained at their wedding. Often, by the time it comes to creating a perfect bridal look that she has always pictured for her big day, there isn't too much of a budget left for her to focus on herself.

Brides should never have to feel stressed out financially or selfish for wanting to look and feel amazing on a day that will be captured forever.

Where does a bride even start to prepare for her wedding day look anyway? Spray tan? Facial? Microdermabrasion? Manicure? That procedure where the little fish eat away at your feet? Eyelash extensions? Hair extensions? Overwhelmed yet? The list goes on and on for the ways a bride can "upgrade" her everyday look to her bridal look. All of these luxuries have one thing in common: they are sure to leave your credit card in the red when all is said and done.

Fear not, dear brides, we have devised a list of beauty products aimed to help you save on beauty expenses that will give you your best wedding look without leaving you in a deficit for months post-wedding!

Used by brides. Proven by their bank accounts.

A word of caution: Always test any products that you plan to use for your wedding day MONTHS in advance, NOT weeks or days. You want to be sure that they cooperate with your skin type, and avoid any potential unfortunate beauty mishaps for the wedding.

1. Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops (Sephora, $38)

Save on that pricey spray tan or thick tinted moisturizer. These tanning drops have proven themselves numerous times as a great way to give your face and neck that perfect sun-kissed glow. Available in light, medium, and dark, just 2-3 drops mixed in with your moisturizer will have you waking up feeling like a Sun Goddess. For $38.00 at Sephora, purchase the drops a few months before the wedding so you can get used to them, and play with the different levels of tan it can accomplish for you.

Note: Rub evenly into every corner of your face and neck and Be sure to always wash your hands immediately after application.

2. St Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse (Sephora, $45)

Another great alternative to paying for a spray tan is the St. Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse. While the purpose of this product is an express tan, we don't recommend making time on the morning of your wedding to worry about washing off.

Again, leave a few months for experimentation for this one. We've found that it can be used the night before, left on for 2-3 hours and washed off before bed. This results in a healthy looking body tan for day 2-3 days. Again, every skin type is different, you might have to build it up gradually for a few days, so make sure to play around with this product before using it on your big day!

3. KISS fake acrylic nails ($12.99, Amazon)

No room left in the budget for a mani/pedi? Although getting pampered in a spa is definitely an expense I would recommend budgeting for, sometimes it has to give. Try these adhesive nails from KISS for $12.99/BOX! KISS offers a variety of colours, sizes, and the glue is included. Again, try these out before the big day to get a sense of how long they stay on for (even though we average about 3-4 good days) and which sizes of nails work for you. Tip: put the spare nails and glue in a baggy and give to one of your bridesmaids. The glue is strong, but you want to be prepared. Best part of KISS? No chance that of your nail polish chipping!

4. Eminence Recovery Oil ($79)

Are those pesky acne scars or coloured marks on your skin doing a number on your confidence for your wedding day? Microdermabrasion can be a costly procedure for these imperfections, instead we recommend Eminence Facial Recovery Oil. Although a pricier product on the list, a few drops per use go a long way every night. This "liquid gold" helps lighten acne scaring as well as fine lines and wrinkles to wake you up looking more and more refreshed. Did we mention it's organic? This one is a no-brainer.

5. KISS False Lashes (Walmart, $9.97)

A favourite among beauty bloggers and makeup professionals are KISS false eyelashes. For $10 and a quick trip to Walmart, you can have celebrity looking lashes without the hefty price tag of professionally done extensions. KISS offers a variety of volumes and shapes so you can really choose what look you want. Start by applying the eyelashes at home, then try wearing them out for an evening or to drinks with friends. You want to be very comfortable wearing these before the big day, and make sure that fake eyelashes are for you!

Note: The pack does not come with adhesive glue so make sure to pick that up as well!

6. Outrageous Lip Plumper (Sephora, $16)

Instead of opting for a lip plump or lip fill before the big day; get that pouty, full lip look for less with Outrageous Lip Plumper by Sephora. Coming in a variety of colours, this long lasting plumper/gloss duo goes on top of lip stains flawlessly and is much more natural than putting a filler in your lips. Keep it in your purse for quick application before pictures and after dinner!

7. The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG (Sephora, $6.70)

Let's be real brides, the chances of a peaceful night snooze before your wedding is slim. So, we are helping you be proactive in fighting those under-eye bags. Coming in at #7 is a beauty cult favourite by the Ordinary. Instead of panicking and purchasing that pricey under-eye concealer (which will probably come off when the first tear is shed), The Caffeine Solution for under eyes combats puffiness and black circles. Under eye masks can get expensive, and cold cucumbers are just a pain- so opt for this treatment for less than $7.00 and watch as your stress-eyes disappear.

8. Designer Shoes for Less (TheRealReal)

Have those D&G, Prada or Badgley Mischka heels been calling your name in your dreams? Have you accepted your fate (and budget) that a pair of designer pumps just won't fit in the bill this time? Think again. TheRealReal is an authenticated luxury consignment store online in which pre-loved designer items have the chance to be loved again at a fraction of the cost! They inspect all items so everything is in good shape (unless otherwise noted). I had a client that purchased this beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo's for $70.00 CAD!

Note: If ordering to Canada, be mindful of shipping and duty costs (which even when factored in still result in a significantly cheaper price than buying them brand new).

Hint: They also sell designer men's shoes, so if you're looking for a great excuse to spring on a pair of shoes for yourself, introduce him to a lovely pair of nice velvet Christian Louboutins- he may just support the idea!

Well our savvy and sassy brides, that completes our list of bridal beauty product hacks to save you money. We cannot stress enough to test out these products months in advance to build up your comfort level using them and have the freedom to experiment to find your perfect look!

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